Success Stories

A Couple Of Successful Projects

House flipping and exterior and interior design are not easy! But once you’re done and can look at your work, it always makes me very proud! I am always looking forward to it when I can take off my work clothes and step into my normal clothes and walk through a house that has just been completed. It is usually really a lot of hard work to complete a project, but when you have renovated the house and can welcome the first visitors and interested parties, it is an indescribably good feeling.

Here I would like to introduce you to a few of my projects. I’ll show you shortly what I’ve achieved so far and what I’m particularly proud of.

Success Stories, How To Make Money With Flipping Houses

Interior Design

With this house, I attached great importance to loving furnishings. There is a lot of work going into the interior design of this project, but it was worth it. With the help of a professional interior decorator, I was able to increase the value of the house extremely. I was able to really impress the buyers of the house with the interior!

Exterior Design

With house flipping, it is also very important that you convince your customers not only with the interior of the new house, but also with the exterior design. If the customer likes the house from the outside and inside and he is ready to pay the asking price, but he then comes into the backyard and sees an incomplete or poorly designed backyard, he will try to push the price of the house down . It is really very important that you also take care of the backyard and the plants. You always have to remember that if you put 1000 dollars into your project, you will get 3000 dollars back afterwards!

Success Stories, How To Make Money With Flipping Houses
Success Stories, How To Make Money With Flipping Houses

External Help

i am always proud when i have completed a project. But before that there is always a lot of work. Of course, it always depends on the condition of the house when you buy it. Personally, I always try to buy houses that are extremely cheap. And of course there is always a lot to do at cheap houses. Over the years i have acquired a great many skills. But sometimes you also need experts to help you. For example with this project, where an external company has to help me to re-cover the roof. If you make use of such services, this naturally lowers the budget and the subsequent profit shrinks. So try to do as much yourself as possible, so you can make a bigger profit on the sale.

Start Small

Are you new to the house flipping business or do you want to start now after reading my blog? I can give you the tip, start small and then increase. Even if you have the money, don’t buy a villa straight away that you want to renovate. Start small! First buy a very small house and start your work. You will see that even small houses mean a lot of work! But you can learn a lot from the smaller projects. Put your full energy into this house and the backyard. You will see that it is also fun to renovate smaller properties. In time you will come to a point where you don’t know what to do next … what if you had really bought the villa? There the problems would be ten times bigger! Learn from the small objects and slowly work your way up. After a few years you will have so much experience and you can restore the villa without any problems!


Of course there are many other projects, which I will publish here whenever I have the time!