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About, How To Make Money With Flipping Houses
About, How To Make Money With Flipping Houses

Hi, I Am Tom Anderson

I have been working in house flipping since 2010. I came across my first house by accident. This house was in a desperate condition and then I started to renovate and beautify this house. After I put the house in a reasonably good condition, I put the house up for sale on a trial basis (for twice the price). Lo and behold, it was also sold very quickly and I was able to make a big profit. Then I thought, if I manage to sell a house for a profit, I will definitely be able to do it a second and third time… so a new business was born and since then I have been working full-time as a house flipper and earn a lot of money with it . I am constantly looking for cheap houses in need of renovation that I can restore to a new shine. If you are reasonably skilled in your craft, you too can start your own house flipping business. The world is so big and there are so many houses. If you acquire a bit of specialist knowledge now, you can do without expensive craftsmen and do a lot yourself. That’s why I founded this website and this blog to show you how you too can become a successful house flipper.

Tom Anderson

Here A Few Facts About Myself

Name: Tom Anderson
Age: 37
Education: IT-Specialist
Location: Brooklyn,NY
Interests: Baseball, Hockey, Books, Financial, My Dog's

If you are now wondering how I am able to buy and sell so many houses in New York … I can tell you, I am not only looking for houses in New York. My projects are all over the usa, i have also bought a house in canada. So here’s a little tip from me; when you start your house-flipping business, it is best to stay in your region first. When you have gained more experience, you can search outside of your state.

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About, How To Make Money With Flipping Houses


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About, How To Make Money With Flipping Houses


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About, How To Make Money With Flipping Houses

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What Makes A Successful House Flipper?

This business model is not suitable for everyone. I have noticed that over the years. Many of my friends have tried, some are successful, but many have also failed. Here I would like to briefly show you a few points that should apply to you so that you can be successful. For example, if you are unwilling to work a lot or if you have trouble dealing with money, house flipping is probably not for you and you should look for another job.

Of course, you need other characteristics to be able to carry out a project successfully. But if you have the chance to buy a house and modernize it, dare! I also started small once and I can tell you it was a great feeling to see the progress and changes on my first project!